Apply to be a part of Mission Crew #11, Team France! This prestigious group will win a scholarship to attend the world-renowned Space Camp in Huntsville, USA, from June the 30th to July the 8th 2023 all expenses included !


  • Student aged 15-18 (at departure time)
  • Team of 2 girls, 2 boys and an 1 legal representative
  • Have a current passport
  • 3-minute video
  • 1-page summary
  • Submissions due 24 March 2023
  • Submit your application bellow

Commercial space travel and colonization are the future. It is the year 2050. You must ensure that 35 people sustain life on a 3-year journey to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. In a three-minute video and one-page summary, create a system to address one of the following conditions for the crew: water/food, life support, propulsion, or solar radiation. Be practical, creative, and have fun!

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