HOW TO Rules review (25/9 – 01/10).

Discussions à propos des règles applicables en 2017 pour tous les concours EurobotOPEN et EurobotOPEN Junior
Discussions about 2017 Rules for all EurobotOPEN and EurobotOPEN Junior contests.
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HOW TO Rules review (25/9 – 01/10).

Post by Refereeing referent » Sun 25 Sep 2016, 21:06

After two information sessions about the Eurobot/Eurobot Jr rules this week-end, find, attached, the documents in « beta » version. A large number of you came in Supinfo Paris, in Le Pass (Frameries, Belgium) and on the Planète Sciences’ WebTV (replay[1], only in French). We are thankful to you!

The rules may evolve in the next few days according to your suggestions on this forum. Feel free to read and comment the « beta » rules from 25 September to 1 October 2016. Some evolutions may occur after this period, with the goal to publish the final rules next Sunday on the evening.

The objective is not to revolutionize the rules such a proposed to you but to integrate some improvements like :
* a minor modification on the playing area
* an improvement on a specific action or constraint
* adjustments of the points
* spell checking

You have at your disposal:
* the rules in full text : ... les_EN.pdf
* the outline of the playing area (in Sketchup format) : ... etchup.skp
* the slides, presented during the information sessions (in French only) / attached
* a video that illustrate the playing area (Sketchup export) (coming)

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Re: HOW TO Rules review (25/9 – 01/10).

Post by HJRD.B.L. » Tue 27 Sep 2016, 20:54

*Mission idea*
I think you should release a mission what contains a flag siting in the playing area or on the edge of the area. That means the robots have to site a flag(what color is any color or national colors) on the floor. It gives some points and there will be an other mission to complete.

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