Wastewater recuperators

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Wastewater recuperators

Post by larisa16 » Wed 14 Mar 2018, 21:40


In the rules,at page 12,point D.4.a. DESCRIPTION AND LAYOUT OF THE GAME ELEMENTS, it says that one of the recuperators which is in the vicinity of each starting zone is containing 8 balls of the color of the nearest starting zone,but then it says that is a mixture of 4 balls of each colour.

So,they are 8 balls of the same color or it's a mixture of 4 balls of each color?


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Re: Wastewater recuperators

Post by brickstory » Thu 15 Mar 2018, 20:14

The recuperator that is near your starting zone is containing 8 balls of your color. The other recuperator you can open is at the complete opposite of the table and is containing a mixture of 4 balls of each color, and the bottom ball is your color.
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