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Spelling corrections

Posted: Mon 26 Sep 2016, 18:23
by mickael9
Page 5
Watch out: All actions are independent some of the others ⇒ of each other

Page 6
C.2. the Eurobotopen Junior playing area is not 10% tilted towards the publics ⇒ towards the public

Page 7
3.a. Each starting area is from the team color ⇒ Each starting area is of the team color (not 100% sure it was incorrect but that sounds better)
3.b the playing elements forecast at this position are definitively remove of playing area
⇒ the playing elements initially at this position are permanently removed from the playing area

Page 8
delimited by small borders disposed in arc of a circle
delimited by small borders disposed in quarter circles
They contain, in their inner space. ⇒ They contain, in their inner space, lunar modules.
Lunar modules
distinguished in several categories
split into two/several categories

Page 9
with two separation bands with neutral color (white) ⇒
with two separation bands in a neutral color (white) (easier to read)
The paying area of each team
The starting area of each team (lol)

The robot can neither drop off nor remove playing elements place in the opposite shuttle. ⇒
The robots can neither drop off nor remove playing elements already in place in the opposite shuttle.

Page 10
5. Built the moon base ⇒ Build the moon base
The robots shall assembly ⇒ The robots shall assemble
with the lunar module ⇒ with the lunar modules
To be valid, a lunar module shall be:
To be valid, a lunar module shall:

Page 11
During the match, the spacecraft shall not exceed the 350mm of the robot.
During the match, the spacecraft shall not exceed the 350mm height limit of the robot.

The spacecraft shall separate itself from all point of view from the robot witch has thrown it (about 10 cm above the high point of the robot excepted the mast) and not exceed 2 meter high.
The spacecraft shall, visibly and from any point of view, separate itself from the robot which has thrown it (about 10 cm above the highest point of the robot ignoring the mast) and shall not exceed 2 meter high.

Page 15
Dimensions of the secondary robot
The picture is misplaced

Page 24
3.a Moon rocks don’t scored any point ⇒ Moon rocks don’t give any points
3.c one spacecraft flight to Mars successfully. ⇒ once spacecraft flies to Mars successfully.

Page 38
painting wood -> painted wood

Re: Spelling corrections

Posted: Tue 27 Sep 2016, 13:47
by Aurélien Bonnet

Thanks for your corrections.


Re: Spelling corrections

Posted: Thu 29 Sep 2016, 09:18
by mathieu_CVRA
French version below.

We at CVRA have made corrections to the EN rules in the link below: ... y_CVRA.pdf


Dear 2017 rules writers,

First of all, we thank you for publishing a beta version of the rules. What follows would not have been possible without it.

The English version of the Eurobot rules being the official document—right?—it needs to be as much error-free and unambiguous as possible.

In addition to what mickael9 has already contributed in terms of corrections, members of the CVRA have spent some time reading and debugging the English version of the 2017 rules.

In the link below, you will find the EN rules PDF featuring a series of suggestions as notes: ... y_CVRA.pdf

We anticipate many international teams—the majority of teams, right?—would be glad to see most of the spelling mistakes and expression mishaps identified corrected.

We already thank the writing commitee for taking these suggestions into consideration.

In the name of the CVRA,


Chers rédacteurs des règles 2017,

Avant toute chose, nous vous remercions d'avoir publié une version beta du règlement. Ce qui suit n'aurait pas été possible sans cela.

La version anglaise des règles Eurobot étant la version officielle (n'est-ce pas ?), elle doit être aussi exempte de fautes et claire que possible.

En plus du travail déjà effectué par mickael9 pour les corrections, les membres du CVRA ont passé du temps à lire et débuger la version anglaise du règlement 2017.

Le lien ci-dessous redirige vers le PDF des règles EN, annoté par nos soins : ... y_CVRA.pdf

Nous sommes certains que bien des équipes internationales (la majorité des équipes ?) seraient enchantées de voir corrigées la plupart des coquilles et tournures de phrase que nous avons identifié.

Nous remercions d'avance le comité de rédaction de prendre le temps de traverser ces suggestions et de les rendre effectives.

Pour le CVRA,