Eurobot Junior Open 2013 : the illustration on the front pag

Our international robotic contest for teens. Discuss here about the event.
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Eurobot Junior Open 2013 : the illustration on the front pag

Post by Référent Arbitrage Trophées » Tue 28 Aug 2012, 11:49

Went to your pencils, mouse, tablet and other tools!

The Planete Sciences'Robotics is calling for volunteers for the realization of the illustration will be on the front page of Eurobot Junior 2013 Rules. The theme this year is "Happy Birthday." This logo can be duplicated and reused for various document: participant's guide, t-shirt organizing team ....

15cm * 15cm, logo vectorized preferably

Illustration of Eurobot Junior Rules 2013

The main constraint is to stay on the topic "Happy Birthday." the name of the theme is indeed inserted into the logo
There will qu'apparaisse drawing on any trademark or logo of any beverage, gift shops ... No representation bottles of alcohol.

The output of the Eurobot Junior 2013 Rules is scheduled for ;)

Planning ideal for validations:
Deadline for proposals: 15/09/2012
Decision and announcement of the winning entry: 20/09/2012

To communicate with Planète Sciences:
an email:
one tel: +331.

In your tools ^ ^
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