Or? When? : The Organizational matters

Our international robotic contest for teens. Discuss here about the event.
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Or? When? : The Organizational matters

Post by Référent Arbitrage Trophées » Mon 31 Oct 2011, 16:19

Or? When? : The Organizational matters

Or? When? What? Who? How? Questions of organization?
Want to join the ship as a volunteer during the games?
This your first year and you get lost? Do not worry!
We are here for you! Do not hesitate!
Planète Sciences'Volunteers answer your questions about all the questions you ask yourself - only - on this post! Please do not get lost in the ocean on the forum.

Beware of unofficial answers pirates) The only real answers that are posted by the Referee Arbitration Awards

Good luck to you shipmates

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Re: Or? When? : The Organizational matters

Post by HJRD » Thu 29 Jan 2015, 15:53

I'm Márk, the leader of the Hungarian Junior Robot Designers. We have some questions about the competition. The first is: when can/could we registrate? Or we missed it? When yes can we registrate now? Because we are a new team and we dont know what to do right now. And you give us the red carpet or we carry that? Thanks,
HJRD Leader

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Re: Or? When? : The Organizational matters

Post by Aurélien Bonnet » Fri 20 Feb 2015, 16:25


Registrations to Eurobot Junior 2015 are open from the 1st of November 2014.
The deadline for registration is the 13th of March 2015.

You can find more informations on the Eurobot website.
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