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Sat 21 Nov 2020, 23:16
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Topic: Reflective material for buoys
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Reflective material for buoys

Hello everyone, right now, we are testing our buoy recognition system. We are using optical sensors with red light and encountered some problems. The system works fine with red buoys/cups. But when we try to recognize the green buoys, the sensor fails. We assume the error occurs the green buoys abso...
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Wed 06 Nov 2019, 12:50
Forum: 2020-2021 - Sail the World
Topic: jeu de gobelets dispo
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Re: jeu de gobelets dispo

Hello everyone,
which color of cups did you order at atelier du gobelet? The rules say dark green ("vert foncé"), but only green ("vert") or light green ("vert clair") are available.

Is vert == vert foncé ?