Eurobot junior internationale

Our international robotic contest for teens. Discuss here about the event.
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Eurobot junior internationale

Post by RihamZein » Tue 19 Jan 2016, 23:04

Je n'y suis pas arrivé à vous contacter par mail, et je ne comprends pas toute des étapes d'inscription.

Je voudrais connaitre les frais del'inscription Eurobot junior internationale puisque nous n'avons pas noc - national organizer committee - egyptienne.

Comment je peux envoyer les depenses del'adhesion de planéte sciences.
S'il vous plaît je dois étapes détaillées.Je vous excuse puisque je ne maitrise pas la langue francaise.

I find contacting very difficult, as i receive no response on emails, and I can't understand the procedures of registration completely

We are a team from egypt, we don't have national organizer, we registered via poolzor, but we don't know if there are fees for participating in the eurobot international directly.
If so, how much is that

One more thing, how to send the membership of planéte sciences fees by letter or by bank?
If by letter, what is exact address?
I would be so grateful if someone helped me

Thank you so much

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