Press the switch

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Press the switch

Post by joljol » Thu 01 Mar 2018, 17:50


In the rules says:

"Push the switch to power the home automation panel. The switch closes when pressed down"

We are not sure about the meaning of closing the switch, because in oral language it can mean to disconnect the electricity, but strictly speaking it means to switch it on.

So, if we want to activate the automation panel have we to press the switch up or down?

Can you solve our doubt?


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Re: Press the switch

Post by Riako » Thu 01 Mar 2018, 19:02

Hi joljol,

This is not an official answer, but what I understand (from both english and french version) :
  • When pressed down: switch is closed, current goes through it, your panel is on and blinks like a Christmas tree
  • When pressed up: switch is open, current does not go through it, your panel is off and should not show anything
(I recommand you to be careful and ask to the organisation comitee how they did it, they may have done it in the wrong way.)

PS: French version text:
Actionner, en le poussant, l’interrupteur pour alimenter le panneau domotique. L’interrupteur se ferme lorsque l’on appuie vers le bas.