Erratic hedge position and other problems...

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Erratic hedge position and other problems...

Post by johntimber » Tue 12 Jun 2018, 09:08


I am in need of some serious help.My setup is as follows, I have a starter kit with 5 beacons. 4 stationary arranged in a rough rectangle in my backyard. 2 stuck approx 6ft high on a garage wall, and 2 stuck on a wooden fence about the same height directly opposite the garage wall. USB port pointing down on all of them. I have placed the hedge beacon on my stationary rover (rs232 connected to pixhawk, no dc power). More often than not i can not get a good position lock. Pixhawk mission planner reports GPS fix intermittently. The hedge circle turns blue usually only briefly then back to an open circle or orange.I tried shutting off RX5 on the stationary beacons since this does not fly... i also tried shutting off the RXs that point outside the rectangle the rover is in.Beacons don't like to work on 500kbps radio profile at all. 115 or lower only.Many times I have to attempt to wake up a beacon more than once or a beacon seems to become non responsive.It seems like every setting I touch I make something worse. can never seem to get good tracking. I even moved all beacons to a smaller area not more than 4mx4m Similar story.Any advice would be appreciated, I can take screenshots/video whatever.... I need to resolve this ASAP.

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