Issue with downloading to the cortex

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Issue with downloading to the cortex

Post by johntimber » Tue 12 Jun 2018, 09:06


I can't seem to download my code to the cortex. Whenever I compile and begin the download, I notice that it says "Downloading User Program to Flash", which I didn't notice it do before. Right after saying this, the downloader crashes. It ends up flashing a message that says "ABORTED: Unable to read file system table of contents on Robot." I have fully updated firmware on the joystick and the cortex. I also cannot see any files on the cortex when I open the robot file manager. RobotC just crashes whenever I try these things. The file manager would also say there are no files on the robot, which isn't true.All I am trying to download is a simple teleop code so we can test it on our drive base.

Please help

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