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Registration and project tracking

Project registration (balloon, rocket and CanSat) in order to participate to the C’Space 2020 will open the 10th of September 2019 !

Project registration in order to participate to the C’Space 2020

Projects registration for C’Space 2019 is done via the SCAE platform.

  • If you are a club that already has SCAE passwords, log in directly to SCAE by clicking HERE and register.
  • If you are a new club, please follow the detailed registration procedure in the section below, entitled "Annual registration of the club and project: instructions". SCAE access codes will be sent to club representatives after Planète Sciences registration.

Project registrations on SCAE are open until November the 30th, 2019.

Registration of a balloon project

Registrations for balloon project are open for 2019/2020. Project registrations are open until November the 30th, 2019, subject to availability.

To register your project click HERE and proceed to the registration of your club by following the steps described below.

Principle and coordination of club tracking

Planète Sciences is committed to follow space projects developped by young people throughout the year, i.e. provide them a technical, administrative and logistical support. This can be done in different ways:
o During the Space Club Meetings (RCE)
o During a visit to a club by a (regional) volunteer of Planète Sciences
o When a club comes to Planète Sciences
o On the mailing list where volunteers answer your technical questions: (remove underscores from address)

Planète Sciences ensures the general organization of the follow-up for all clubs and assigns to each club or project a referent volunteer when possible. It is also responsible for organizing the various RCEs and acting as an interface between the club, Planète Sciences and CNES.

The annual registration of the club and the project: instructions

Each club must register with Planète Sciences. In addition, within one month of registration, the club must ensure that it completes the details of its membership in Planète Sciences.

Club registrations are possible until 31st of October 2019.

For new clubs, you must follow the procedure described below. You will receive by email the login details in order to connect to the platform SCAE and register your space project.

For clubs that have already participated in Space projects and already have SCAE login, we invite you to log on SCAE and to complete your registration.

If you have lost your SCAE login, we invite you to follow the standard registration procedure explained below.

To register with Planète Sciences, three documents must be completed:

Two pdf documents

These documents must be completed and sent to Planète Sciences at the following address:
16 place Jacques Brel, 91130 Ris-Orangis.

1/ The space project contract

Space project contract

The space project contract outlines the commitments and responsibilities of clubs wishing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by CNES and Planète Sciences. This reminder should enable clubs to become aware of their commitment and what they have the right to expect from CNES and Planète Sciences. Compliance with these rules is a common protection and not a sanction. Each part (Clubs - CNES - Planète Sciences) makes an informed commitment. This contract must be signed by the club’s legal representative and sent with the Planète Sciences membership form.

2/ The Planète Sciences membership form

Registration form

Planète Sciences is a non-profit association governed by the 1901 law. It is not a service provider. With the help of the many volunteers and staff, the Space sector aims to facilitate access for its members (individuals or clubs) to rocket launch campaigns, as well as CanSat releases and balloon drops, and all clubs are asked to join the Planète Sciences network. Membership subscribed in the autumn of 2019 is valid for the year 2019-2020.

A registration form completed online

The registration form must be completed by clicking HERE. This form allows Planète Sciences to know your club, its contact details and characteristics. The address of your website can be added to our page List of Clubs. Feel free to send it also when you change club president, postal address, e-mail, etc., in order to update the Planète Sciences database.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact us at

Design brief

The practice of Space activities organized by Planète Sciences is subject to security conditions. Any project (rocket, balloon, CanSat) must respect specific specifications, meeting all the required criteria. If, at the end of the control section, a project cannot meet all the required criteria, it cannot be realised: it is the work of an entire year that is stopped! The Space Club Meetings (RCE) are organized in order to avoid this scenario.

  • SCAE

    To help you to manage your project, we provide you a tool to monitor the evolution of your project independently: the platform SCAE. This platform allows you to put online the useful documents for the follow-up of your project, but also via a chat to ask all your questions to the members of Planètes Sciences who will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Request for derogation and Security File

    In case of derogation from the specifications (experimental rockets and special projects, e.g. smoke, module release, two-stage rocket, etc.), each request for derogation from the specifications must be presented step by step. A formalized document already exists and any request for derogation must be made via this document available in the section Request for derogation.

Launch campaigns

Depending on the type of your project (minif, fusex, CanSat, balloon, etc.), register for the adapted event: regional launch campaign, C’Space, or other.

The C’Space will take place this year at Tarbes in the Hautes Pyrénées, on July 2020. The CanSat France competition will take place during the C’Space.

Club project feedback

To conclude your experimental project in style, a report is asked where you summarize the methods put in place to analyze your experiments and conclude on your results. This file enhances the value of your project. It will be able to help other new clubs and successors of your own club!

This report should be uploaded on SCAE. This will then be forwarded to the CNES and published in the Club Project Reports page.

The Space Club Meetings (RCE), 2019-2020 planning (in progress)

Objectives of these meeting days are to (1) check progress on your own project, (2) benefit from a panel of available and competent experts, (3) exchange and acquire technical skills by exchanging with other clubs and (4) keep abreast of events and innovations at Planète Sciences.

During the year 2019-2020, three RCEs will be organized:

  • RCE 1 - November 2019

this meeting will take place this year in person for new clubs and simultaneously in video conference for other clubs. Details of the organization have been sent to the registered clubs.

  • RCE 2 - February 2020 - Project definition

Program of this RCE:
o Meeting with controllers and other clubs
o Validation of the progress of your project
o Project design review, pre-qualification of balloons/minifs

  • RCE 3 - June 2020 - Prequalification

o Prequalification of rockets, balloons and CanSats:
o Validation of the stability of your project
o Test of the recovery system
o Test of reception/decoding of stored and/or transmitted data

Calendar of dates to be retained for the year 2019-2020

o 10th of September 2019 : Opening of Club registrations and project submission on SCAE
o 31st of October 2019 : Deadline to register your club
o 30th of November 2019 : Deadline to register your project on SCAE
o November 2019: RCE 1
o 30th of November 2019: Deadline from which projects can no longer be modified /Registration for CanSat closed
o February 2020: RCE 2
o June 2020: RCE 3
o July 2020: C’Space and CanSat France Contest

Experimental rockets participating in C’Space must be pre-qualified at the latest at the 3rd Space Club Meeting.

If the project is not ready to be launched, we advise you to come to C’Space to observe the other projects and the progress of controls and launches.

For clubs unable to participate in RCEs, a distance communication effort (email exchanges, internet forum, telephone, file writing) has to be done by the club towards Planète Sciences.

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