Microrockets activites exist in France since end 1970s. Made of simple and light material (cardboard, balsa wood...) and propulsed by a registered powder motor, the microrocket rapidly seduct educators that use it as a teaching aid to mix physics with fun. Now, more than 50000 microrockets are launched in France every year.

Educative goals

This activity mainly address young people from 8 to 13 years old.

Microrockets allows to securely experiment parameters that control rocket flight (altitude, stability...). They can reach an altitude of 150 meters before falling back with a parachute. All kinds of rockets can be tested, even crasy models, to understand aerodynamics laws by practice.

Microrocket is not only a technical activity. It allows to aware young (and less young) people to stakes of space activities. It can create interest for more and more space projects: minirockets, experimental rockets and why not Ariane rockets!


Microrockets are launched by registered people. Planète-Sciences and Francas are the two French organizations authorized to deliver this registration after a 3-day formation.

Launching campaign can be organized on a field as big as a soccer field, after getting the occupancy authorization from the owner.

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