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Teenagers-invasion in town!!!

On this saturday, july the 22th, 21 teenagers landed in Toulouse. 7 germans, 3 italians, 2 spanishes, 3 belgiums and 6 frenchs to be exact!

What happened? A huge rock-star concert around ? Game and high-tech meeting? A very unusual Pokemon to catch?

No, just a very special stay proposed by Ariane Cities Community:  let us show you then…

Le Capitole: Main place and City Hall

Each one on his own astrologic sign at each corner of the occitan cross on the ground.

City center…during a funy photo game!


Discovering how a satellite works and understanding how many parameters and calcul it needs:


First rocket experiments: hand maked water rockets

Witch parameters influenses a water rocket to go high?                                      ===> video_fusee <===


After a intense begenning, brains are strained. But…

… fortunally, Oreos are helpfull 😀


City of Space: the most immersive space park

Ariane V rocket scale 1:1

They found a moon stone from Appolo missions!

Exact replic of the russian MIR station!


Sebastian shows them how to make a mini glider fly in the beautifulest view spot in Toulouse!

The time as come to create frendly links 😎



Another place has waited to our ingenious group, the A350XWB factory. Then, Aéroscopia museum has exposed the evolutions of the aviation from the Bleriot XI to the last A400M.

But before putting into practice, let’s enjoy some good time outside!


After looking at planes, let’s pilot them !

==> VIDEO_0G_flight!!  <==


Water rocket? Stop kidding! Let’s build micro rockets using powder to lunch those rockets up to 80m high!!

Have a look thanks to our video drone! => VIDEO_lunching_fire_rocket!! <=


Intense and joyfull week! Time to go home… Let’s take THIS plane!!!