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    L’Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées vous annonce pour mardi 28 octobre 2014:

    Patrick Meire Directeur de l’Ecosystem management research group (ECOBE) Biology – Université d’Anvers – Belgique
    ( en poste rouge à ECOLAB-OMP )

    qui présentera la conférence:
    Ecosystem services: a key towards sustainable development or another buss world ?

    à 11h Salle Coriolis Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées 14 avenue Edouard Belin 31400 Toulouse

    In recent years the concept of ecosystem services gained a lot of attention and the number of papers and reports about this concept is growing exponentially. In this presentation I give a short introduction on the concept and its developments before going in more detail on how the concept can be used as a basis for ecological restoration and ecosystem based adaptation. Indeed, despite a lot of national and international legislation, treaties and conventions, biodiversity is still declining and human society is confronted by an increasing amount of environmental problems, not at least climate change. It is becoming more and more obvious that ecological restoration can play a crucial role in creating a more resilient environment. Restoration and management of ecosystems to deliver ecosystem services is a key to this development however this requires detailed knowledge about the quantification of the delivery of ecosystem services by ecosystems and the link between the ecosystem characteristics and the delivery of services which poses a big challenge for ecological research. Several examples, mainly linked to rivers, wetlands and estuaries, will be presented where the potential of ecosystem based adaptation and managing for delivery of ecosystem services will be discussed in detail.

    Yves Meyerfeld

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